What are the disgusting facts related to David Koch?

David Koch is the notorious man who is responsible for the destroying the environment. He is the one who has hijacked the political process to fulfill his political agenda. He is also equally responsible for the efforts to dismantle the progress of civil rights.

African American Mobility Hurt by Koch Efforts

There were unions which were known to enhance the economic mobility for the African American workers. David Koch has provided with the funding which led to the destruction. Due to the ill working, he has been upheld by the court because the union has filed the case against him. The union has claimed that Koch has violated the rights of the union workers and he should be sued for the same.

The Climate Change Funds Which Hurt the Poor Communities

Koch brothers were actively responsible for the climate change efforts in the year 2007 and 2008. It is the way through which they have not contributed to the public. Due to their actions, poor communities were very hurt due to the change in the climate.

They Were Against To Raise the Minimum Wage

By the president Barrack Obama, the act was taken out to raise the minimum wage of the people. But the Koch brothers have fought the battle against the higher minimum wage. They have provided with the 23.3 million to attack the wage rule. If the funding has been raised, then it can be created through the culture of dependency. Due to this, huge people have been suffered through the Koch’s act.

Koch Goes For the President Ticket Which Ends With The Social Security

When talking about the reports of bridge report, he ran for the ticket of vice president. It was the libertarian ticket which abolished the social security. It is the severe threat which can lead to the danger for the future security and can even work as the threat for the nuclear war.

Koch Brother’s Was the Billionaire Who Was Known as Racist

Koch brothers also were linked with the secret submit which was attended by the republic politician. It is the most controversial dinner in which they have argued with the whites and blacks.

We have mentioned some of the disgusting facts which are related to the Koch brothers. You can consider them and know who evil who have worked only to earn money. He has damaged the civil rights of different minority groups.